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Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm PST
the green tariff pricing proposal that pg&e sprited to the california puc for approval. that is the program when it was initially proposed by pg&e would have pg&e offering to san franciscans an opportunity for 100% renewable product that is greening up their portfolio to using renewable energy credits, so they have placed a proposal before the california puc for -- their agreement. parties are engaged in asking questions, testimony has been filed. the cupuc had scheduled hearings in december for the proposal, but those hearings on hold in order to allow parties to talk further and potentially arrive at a settlement. there really isn't active settlement discussion under way right now. we expect that may happen in january, and if you play out that process we think that maybe july or august of 2013 we will know what shape the program that pg&e has proposed has been authorized by the cupuc. pg&e would then as i understand it from their filings need to go through a solicitation process to hire a third party contractor to perform the program implementation and we're thinking it would probabl
Dec 14, 2012 10:00am PST
of the experience that pg&e and marin energy had when marin energy launched its program so the code of conduct puts certain restrictions on both parties, the utility, in our case pg&e and on us as a cca. broadly speaking it prohibits either party from misleading customers. it requires that any expenditures that pg&e incurs to actively market against the program cannot be reimbursed by rate payers and shared by shareholders. it allows pg&e to answer questions and educate about their program and how it compares to our program. it requires both parties to work with the california public utilities commission public advisor's office to create a comparison document that would be made able by all parties on the two program offerings. so that gives you some of the key elements. >> and the code of conduct you said is in the process of being approved or is approved. >> so a proposed decision was drafted and sent out for comment by the cupuc staff. it then by state statute sits before the body for not less than 30 days before the commission may adopt, hold, or modify and then adopt the item. >> very good
Dec 3, 2012 10:00am PST
, and those are tiers that your build by pg&e on, and the tiers reflect how much you consume. most san francisco households are in tier one, that first row, and if you stay with me on tier one you will see that we're projecting customers -- electric portion of their pg&e bill to be around $21.97 in 2013. if they stay with our program and the 100% green product it includes they will see a premium of $11.54 they need to pay for that product offering so that their average electric portion of their bill will be about $33.50. that represents about 52-point 5% increase on the electric portion of pg&e bill in san francisco, and about a 29% premium on the total pg&e bill a customer receives each month. this is updated information based on the guidance we got from and the direction we got from the board of supervisors to make sure that our rates recover the low -- the subsidy to low income customers and to ensure our rates recover the -- begin to recover at least the financial collateral the city has applied, the security -- the city has applied to this program, so these are new rates. these a
Dec 2, 2012 10:00pm PST
quote a power pole. witnesses said it looked like lightning struck. pg&e crews worked throughout the day to restore power to the neighborhood. >> and in san jose, the valley fair shopping center was partially flooded making driving treacherous for the most part, drivers took their time navigating the flooded street. the storm is gone but the
Dec 31, 2012 11:00am PST
electric power and hetch hetchy and pg&e hydro generation, but the goal as set out by mayor newsom is to become 100% renewable and we have a task force comprised of leaders and community and stakeholders, environmental ngo's and the local utilities and relevant city departments. the task force met for 18 months monthly to discuss issues with renewable energy development for the city and the was to do this goal within 10 years so we looked at barriers and technical opportunities, financial aspects and of course public education and awareness, and ultimately outlined recommendations around three areas, energy efficiency and utility generation and the course identified five prong strategy to help achieve this goal and the first is shrink the pay. of course by reducing the amount of lktd the city demands it's easier to get to the 100% so there are a number of recommendations want a few of them are highlighted here and strengthening the retrofit rules, promoting energy audits, and through the real estate which we did a couple we go with the lead ratings and the assessors data basis an
Dec 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
. >> reporter: it was controversial. the cpuc deciding who would pay what for pipeline improvements. pg&e or customers. it turns out both parties will be paying and rates will increase in the aftermath of the deadly san bruno pipeline blast and fire on september 9, 2010, which killed 8 people, injured 66 and destroyed dozens of homes of. the cpuc is ruling on pg&e's enhanced safety guidelines today a plan to improve its pipeline infrastructure. the repairs will cost over $2 billion and require pg&e to test hundreds of miles of pipeline, replace old pipe segments and automate safety valves. the cpuc says of the $2 billion needed for the work, ratepayers will pay $299 million. the mayor of san bruno and several utility watchdog groups say pg&e will be making a profit on this work. >> today you set a precedent. do you allow a utility responsible for the deaths of eight citizens, friends, and family, to profit as a direct result of that tragedy? >> commissioners, i urge you to approve judge bushy's decision to make sure pg&e pays its fair share of pipeline testing and replacement. on the wh
Dec 27, 2012 11:00am PST
will stay on top of this and let you know. >>> in brentwood, pg&e crews stopped a natural gas leak that forced symptom to evacuate overnight now the focus is on repairing the ruptured pipe. pg&e says the leak never posed danger to nearby homes. neighbors call the utility after smelling is overpowering odor of gas. >>> mail carrier was in court standard for a status hearing after he was accused of stealing mail on the peninsula. daly city police arrested romeo natan after investigators say he tried to use stolen credit cards at tear get store he obtained those cards after filling out applications to customers along his route. the d.a.'s office suspects he snatched up to 3,000 pieces of mail. >> you and i as victims may not know there was a credit card envelope taken out of my mail and somebody fill it out and got a credit card. >> thing to happen during the see sown of giving -- terrible thing to happen during the season of giving. >> three of his friends face charges police say they bought items with those stolen credit cards. >>> air travel to and from the east coast is a nightma
Dec 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e is updating their structures, earning them a problem forcing pg&e customers to suffer. >> they are making a profit from this and the customers shouldn't suffer. >> they plan for a safer pipeline. who profits and who will pay. >>> also a new chapter in one community's fight against a convenience store. why 7-eleven may suddenly have to close its doors. >>> and the city of oakland is sitting on a pile of cash tonight. more than $316,000. only problem, some of it may rightfully belong to you. peaks: a major injury we will be paying for improvem -- to prevent th osion that killed >>> your natural gas bill is going up. we will be paying for improvements to prevent the kind of explosion that killed eight people destroying a san brunei neighborhood. cbs5 julie watts explains. they are upgrading their infrastructure. upgrades that will earn pg&e a profit and force pg&e customers to pay. >> the victim shouldn't have to suffer because pg&e is making a profit from this explosion. >> reporter: many were outraged when they approved a $299 million rate increase
Dec 12, 2012 8:00am PST
the calendar year, pg & e rates will change. that means when we talk about the premium that is represented over the pg & e rate will change. i want you to be aware that we will bring a revised estimate of the premium that a customer will pay in january. thank you. >> question. >> commissioner caen. >> is the pg & e going to be a mixed hybrid program? >> the pg & e tariff option, i assume that's what you are talking about. what they have proposed and put before the california puc for approval is alliance on their resources compliant with the renewal portfolio standard for about 22% i think by then. of their portfolio being california compliant renewables. and the balance will be renewable energy credits. so that distinguishes, it's a mix. in that some of the renewables they are proposing are california compliant and some of them are not. >> okay. i guess i will wait until january. >> well -- so i may have confused you with what i had said. in january what pg & e is going to be doing is implementing new rates for all of their customers. it won't be the green tariff option yet. that's still before
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
that throughout utility, through pg&e and through the city, and cca as you know was still going through the process of being approved in its newest form. this fall when this is finalized so there were discussions with the mayor's office to make sure that it was more even between what we're able to do and what we have already on the books and what pg&e is offering to do, so i wouldn't say that it was strongly deemphasized but a lot of meat was in one recommendation about cca, and it really has far reaching implications and certainly it's discussed within other recommendations even if it doesn't get top billing in that recommendation. >> you said that came from the mayor's office? >> it was -- in conversation with the mayor's office as well as other task force members. >> okay. so maybe you could sort of shed more light on that, so was there a directive from the mayor's office to not emphasize as much community choice aggregation? >> no. there is not a directive from him. they reviewed the draft and in our discussions with them they had concern -- as you know the mayor had concern wit
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm PST
templar sports unless the store expands or moves. >>> new at noon, pg&e unveiled the new gas operation center in san ramon. and we have more from ally rasmus. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. behind us is the building that will essentially become pg&e's headquarters for gas, and when it is done, 1600 jobs will relocate to bishop ranch in san ramon. it is part of the safety plan put in effect after the san bruno pipeline disaster. >> our goal is to be able to not only respond but begin predicting when things begin to develop on the system. so that we can begin to prevent events from happening other than just responding to those events. >> reporter: now pg&e will consolidate its gas transmission, gas distribution centers, and a dispatch center, all in this 48,000 square foot floor that you see here. and right now the dispatch and distribution centers are located in san francisco, fresno and concord. the idea is to make communication centralized and response times fastener the event of an emergency. along with the move to san ramon, pg&e executives also talked about the tests they've do
Dec 17, 2012 9:30am PST
the pass through cost that pg&e shifts to its shareholders versus to the rate payers? is that a function of the state agency or do we have independent jurisdiction over that process? >> we don't have independent jurisdiction. it's within the purview of the california public utilities commission. our role really is only as an active party there to try and influence their decision. >> so we wouldn't procure the services and audit and whether pg&e is following through on the commitment not to shift the rate for the rate payers and opting into our system? >> i don't know that we would be barred from asking for audits, but it would be a discretion -- it would be at the discretion of the cupuc. they can audit but we don't have independent audit rights over -- >> [inaudible] >> we do for the franchise agreement. >> right. but we could recommend for the puc to take some action. >> i see the city attorney has advice for us. >> the proposed position is audits every two years with the code of conduct rules and rules of compliance. >> and that includes those factors that i raised? >> the code of
Dec 20, 2012 8:00pm PST
. appreciate not from pg&e because. >> >> because they have to follow the code of conduct, but organizations related to pg&e. i am wondering how we're anticipating a response to such an effort to mislead and make beguile people in san francisco? >> we do expect we will have lots of questions from customers, and we're really hoping to encourage folks to the extent they have questions, they hear things that are concerning to talk to us. we really want an opportunity for folks to make an informed decision, and we will stay very true to the need to educate and not mislead. we hope that other participants in the dialogue will as well, but it will be a challenge for us to make sure folks are getting accurate information and really being educated about this choice. >> very good. thank you. let's go on to public comment. this is on these three items. i don't have any cards before me. we will do three minutes per person. >> good afternoon commissioners. eric brooks representing san francisco green party and the local grass-roots organization "our city". hopefully you have read the email, all o
Dec 21, 2012 4:30am PST
happened and business as usual. [ pause ] >> i'm very sorry. >> pg&e's plan for a safer pipeline system. who profits and who will pay? >> and buried alive in an avalanche. how the skier's left hand made the difference between life and death. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, week. there were tears, hugs and laughter when he hd out surprise envel >>> a special delivery from santa. he showed up at a good will store in new jersey this week. there were tears, hugs and laughter when he handed out surprise envelopes to shoppers each with a hundred dollars cash. the secret santa says he travels from portland, maine to do this. he wanted to make a special trip to new jersey hit hard by superstorm sandy. >> obviously, it was a lot of economic devastation. and we wanted to just see what we could do to help inspire other people to give a little bit more. >> holy cow, santa, thank you! >> that's so nice. as for the source of the cash, santa says it's private money but beyond that he is keeping that secret. >> no word as to whether he is heading west? >> no. [ laughter ] >>> here's some good news. buried alive in a
Dec 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
started that work but certainly a lot more to do. >> i also have a question on the emphasis on pg&e and i am wondering if you could talk more about that. i am curious why there is equal treatment of clean power sf and pg&e since you have a program with clean power sf where the city has more control over it and i am wondering if you could talk about that, and by the way was pg&e on the task force? >> yes pg&e was a member of the task force and they did ask at the -- when we had the final draft to be taken off of it because they didn't agree with all of the recommendations but they were a valuable part of the task force and had insights and their policies, but in terms of the inclusion for example of the green option, if forever reason cca didn't pass and the board -- the task force wanted to acknowledge that is a possibility and there are other options with the iou such as the green option and we talked about the relative merits of that and what kind of program it would be and the local economic impacts would be of that, and of course we don't have control over the utility. we have contr
Dec 20, 2012 7:30pm PST
that pays pg&e for kilowatt hours that are provided to the customer. there is no relationship between what the customer consumes in terms of the portfolio serving that customer and the cost responsibility surcharge. it's sort of an over hang cost pg&e is allowed to charge to make sure the customers that stay for pg&e pay for cost it incurred on behalf of customers that left. >> commissioner olague. >> yeah, i guess -- it reminded me of pass throughs and tenants get charged sometimes for the increases and fees that the landlords have and i wonder how that worked ultimately but you kind of answered. >> okay. >> -- what i was thinking, but i guess i am concerned a little bit -- of course we want to definitely inform customers about these increases and rates that would result as part of this clean power shift, but i think -- i guess at some point i would be interested in understanding how that is going to be marketed or what language or what script would be used, because ultimately the goal isn't so much related to, you know, -- well, i have to be careful how i say this i guess, but i guess t
Dec 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
is investigating. how and why the beam fell on this plan and employees declined to comment today. >> making pg&e gas pipelines safer will come at a cost to customers. ratepayers will try to prevent another san bruno disaster well. have more with more on this for us. >> in the end, the utility wanted the community to pay for almost all of the upgrade. means customers will see bill goes up over next few years more than two years after the explosion, the fight over who pays for improvements is still a raw ish yu. one0@ speaker was renee mor victimales. should should haven't to suffer because pg&e is making a profit from this explosion. they're picking up as though nothing happened and business, as usual. >> pg&e will have to test nearly 800 miles of pipeline. it's a $2.2 kbrinl upgrade. p.u.c. decided customers will pay more than half, about $1.2 billion for new pipeline and valve. share shoulders picking up the rest, about $1 billion. >> this is about moving forward, building the safest natural gas infrom a structure in the nation that. is our goal, now pg&e's goal as well. >> this decision will
Dec 3, 2012 9:00am PST
, public works, water and power, san francisco public utilities commission, pg&e and comcast and caltrans, bart and other key partners such as fema and more. the objectives our life line council is to develop and improve collaboration in the city and across the region by regularly convening a group of executive officers and deputies of local and regional life line providers. understand intersystem dependencies of enhanced planning and reconstruction. sharing information about recovering plans and objectives and priorities and established ordination process for life line restoration and recovery following a major disaster. in the first nine meetings we made most progress on the third objective and sharing information about plans and priorities. in the first two years we discussed a series of operator case studies by the sfpuv on water and wastewater systems and pg&e on gas and electric systems and at&t and tell communications and learned about the city's priorities for roots and response planning for the emergency operation center and the capital program. we launched a independent st
Dec 12, 2012 8:30am PST
is, and in this case i think it's pg & e, and i don't know how they got in it. charge people 150 or $160 a month. now you commissioners have to find out if at one time there were no meters. i repeat no meters in public housing. suddenly how, who it is providing the energy and why are they charged so much. now one reason may be this. you have living in a unit and the windows are broken or they feel very cold. and there are some elderly people or people that need heat, they are going to use the heater and whatever just to keep warm. and then the issue arises about -- two issues arise. first the larger amount of money they have to pay. and secondly who is monitoring whether they have some area where they leave. where it's windy and no conservation. we make deliberations about this, that and the other. and many times we fail to go to the source it find out if those mandates are kept. >> i done see your card. >> good afternoon, commissioners, eric brooks, san francisco green party and the local grassroots organization in our city. i want to spin on mrs. hale's update on cleanpowersf.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 680 (some duplicates have been removed)